A HCO is a High Commanding Officer of the EITC. They are the main leaders of the EITC and direct certain aspects of the Company's operations. This page is here as a introductory page for new users to get to know our rank structure and a bit of the history of whose held these ranks in the past. To see who currently holds these positions please go to Honourable East India Trading Company for more info.



Lord GovernorEdit

The Supreme head of the East India Trading Company...

Lord MarshalEdit

Second in Command of the East India Trading Company, Commands the Company's Military operations...

Lord TreasurerEdit

Controls the Company's treasury and financial dealings...

Lord CommissionerEdit

Head of the commissioning office, deals with officers commissions in the Company....


  • These ranks are the updated system of HCO ranks in the EITC, a list of previous ranks and those who held them can be found in the History page of the wiki.
  • These ranks are HCO ranks, someone who holds one of these ranks can not hold another rank.

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