"To protect those who can't protect themselves"Edit

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The Criminal Investigation Division or CID as it is commonly abbreviated, are the main policeing force in the EITC and it's Caribbean holding's. Originally founded by Chief Commissioner Jason Shiprat as the Port Royal Constabulary, we were founded to serve as the regular police so that the EITC First Division and Royal Navy could focus on fighting bigger enemies such as Jolly Roger and Piracy. We have been refounded under Lord Marshal Richard Venables directive as the CID and are currently commanded by Commissioner Ryan Warhawk. We are based in Kingshead as well as Port Royal and Padres Del Fuego.

Our MissionEdit

To protect the everyday citizens of the Caribbean and to deal with everyday crime. We deal with disturbances, minor riots, break-ins, arson, assault, harrassment, murder and theft. We are also all trained to use arms against criminals and potential threats, most of us are either current or ex members of the British Military. We also defend against invasions and defend the people against any who come against them. We serve with Honour and Courage to uphold the law.