The First DivisionEdit

"Fight Hard, Fight Well" Ishmael Decksteel -1st Field Marshal 

"Gentlemen, Lord Beckett has seen fit to send us to death, let us not disappoint!!!"  Field Marshall Richard Venables to the division at Ravens Cove. -2nd Field Marshall

"It isn't about the rank, or the money, or the power it is about how you lead and wear them, with honor and pride." Marcus Ironskull to the First Division on his Command -3nd Field Marshal

The EITC First Division is a division in the service of the East India Trading Company. It is led by Field Marshall Mark Ironskull, and is currently recruiting. The division was the main attack force in the invasion of Guines and in 1745 it was disbanded. But now in 1749 it's now reforming!


  • Field Marshal Mark Ironskull - Commanding Officer
  • Commissar-General Christopher Crane - Executive Officer, Admiral of the Fleet, Divisional Commissar
  • Colonel Ben Costello- Staff Officer
  • Lt. Colonel Bartholomew Swordfury - Trainer as well as commander of the Fourth Company: Leader of the great Shadow Assassin Clan

The First Company-MarinesEdit

  • Field Marshal Marcus Ironskull
  • Major Rapheal
  • Major Bartholomew Swordfury
  • Sgt. Ryan Warhawk
  • Sgt.Ranger1x
  • Pvt.Rick Ross
  • Pvt.Pixel
  • Privateer66
  • Pvt. Jedipirate

The Second Company- MarinesEdit

  • Major Simon Pratton
  • Cpl. Trooper11145
  • Pvt. Captain Spencer
  • Pvt. Edward Kenway
  • Pvt. Marc Truesilver
  • Pvt. Hector Dreadshot

The Third Company- Light Company MarinesEdit

  • Major Ben Costello - Leader
  • Sgt. Ben ShoreBatten
  • Pvt.Aquilla
  • Pvt.David
  • Pvt. Darkblade

The Fourth Company- MarinesEdit

  • Major James Swordmenace 
  • LCpl. Jarot Decksteel
  • Pvt. Chris Stormsmith 
  • Pvt. Jack Macskull
  • Pvt. Edgar Mcgrim 
  • Pvt. John Dna
  • Pvt. Richard Gunwalker

The Third Company is a special Unit, made for the extra units such as the Light Squad. The Light Squad performs missions, scouting, flanking, and advance guard missions. They are issued weapons to their respective ranks and generally do not fight in line, but instead spread out, making a smaller target. The First Company is also different because it is a unit of Line Infantry as the others are Marines