"It seems we are well and truely at war... a pity, that. For tis a war didnae ask for... A war we didnae wish. And why would we? We're killing our brothers down there - and whit for? Duty? Honour? To destory the evil of Britain as the Dago's claim? No... O'Malley, Pratton to me, we must prepare the next offensive"

- Sir Richard Venables on War 1748

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Richard Venables is a British Soldier and politicion who serves as Lord Marshal of the EITC and Speaker of the House of Commons, he also serves as the Company's Govenor-General in India, and has served since Benjamin MacMorgan was Lord Marshal. He is married to Lord Treasurer Lady Hannah Bluefeather and is the older twin brother of Sir Mathieu Venables, the EITC Lord Commissioner.


Richard Joseph Anthony Venables was born on the 15th of August, 1700 to parents Sir William Venables, and
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Sir Richard Venables

Lady Elizabeth Marie Du'Casse in the family home of Finlaystone House in Argyll. Born a twin, Richard was the older twin of Mathieu who was born twelve minutes after Richard. His Family heritage was a diverse one, his father was of an old Scottish family which could trace it roots back to Robert the Bruce, and owned great estates in Argyll and Perthshire. Whilst his mother was of French birth, and was the only child of the Marquis Du'Casse, so that when he died Richard became the Marquis Du'Casse. The Du'Casse family owned a large estate in Normandy, and where distant relatives to the Bourbon Monarchy.

As a young boy growing up in Scotland on the family estate he often went out with his father and brother hunting, fishing and attending social events in Edinbourgh, his mother often took him and Mathieu to the opera, ballet and taught him to play the violin and to speak French, Latin and Greek as well as teaching young Richard manners and etiquette. At the Age of 11 he was sent to St Andrew's University were he studied law, but he wanted something more and using his fathers accounts he enrolled into Astronomy. At the age of 11 he passed his examinations and went on to join the Kings 42nd Royal Highland Regiment in 1712.