The Company's Military is the official name of the HEITC's Military branch, led by the second-in-command of the Company, Lord Marshal Sir Richard Venables. It consists of 2 sub-branches, the Company's Army and the Company's Navy. The Lord Marshal controls all sub-branches of the Company's Military, and oversees the Departments within it. 

The Company's ArmyEdit

The main body of the EITC's military forces, commanded by Unknown. They are trained and uniformed very similarly to the British Army, they wear Scarlett uniforms almost identical to the King's army and most of their officers are ex-British Army. They fight with the same tactics and skills as the King's Army, but fight and are paid for by the EITC. They currently have one division in active service.

  • The EITC First Division

    The Company's Navy 

    Made up of the remains of Beckett's Armada, the HEITC navy is a highly trained and well equipped navy made up of ex-Royal Navy officers and men who were brought into the HEITC payroll during the War Against Piracy.

    Special Operations DepartmentEdit

    The Special Operations Department is the Company's Spec Ops group, led by Lord Marshal Sir Richard Venables personally. It is comprised of two Branches. The First Branch is the Black Guard, an elite group of talented mercenaries and assassins hired and trained by the Company to protect important military outposts and trade routes, as well as serve to aprehend fugitive pirates that are wanted by the High Command. The Second Branch is the Black Watch, a covert black ops regiment that specializes in inflintration, espionage, and assassinations.